Sunday, October 14, 2007

Introducing Angel Jackson

Katie and Millie Smith are two British born designers with big dreams. They once dreamed of naming their children Angel and Jackson, and creating a chic line of handbags for the contemporary woman. And when they were convinced by friends not to do the former, they bestowed their unused baby names upon their burgeoning collection.

Each of their bags, which have been featured in Vogue, Elle, Nylon, and Instyle, possess a sassy, vintage charm. For a fun neutral carryall I suggest the Mercer; grab a Chandra clutch to instantly glamorize any outfit, or give 'em something fierce and out with one of the new jaguar bags.

to order the bags or for more info email
to purchase visit Lux Couture or Urban Outfitters UK
to view the entire line visit Angel Jackson


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